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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Short Post - My Day

Hey folks! How have you guys been? ;) Hmm, will just do a quick post.
And so, today was supposed to be a stay home day for me 'cause I've decided to take a break & work on a lil project (; [Check out below for the lil project I was working on. Heehe] But then during the night, I had impromptu date with Ash haahah.

This...was actually my lunch :x
Delicious whole grain muesli bar and yogurt topped with some nuts ;D 
 Chillax session during the night with Ash @ McCafe, AMK Central
Bought a medium sized one. Costed me $4.30

#factsaboutme, I really love Mochaccino from McCafe! Not only is it affordable, it does taste pretty nice too! ;)

 And this was the lil project I've been working on the entire day...well, almost.
What should I call these? Typography? Idk. & ya, they're all hand drawn by myself. :)
A majority of them was copied from the net but a couple of them were improvised by myself heh.

And yes, that's about it! :) I've got to head to bed soon! Have to wake up at 5.30am tomorrow for work! Oh and can't wait to meet up Kel for dinner tmr!! I miss her soooo very much! Hehe. & that, will be one of the reasons I'd be looking forward to the end of work tomorrow! (;

Will definitely post again tomorrow night. Till then, goodnights & take care! ;D

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