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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Diary Entry : Poly week one

Hey there again, folks! ;D
And so, like I've mentioned earlier on, poly has officially started for me a week ago. But before I start going about how first week of poly had been, I will just show you guys some photos of my group during poly orientation which was held on Thurs of the last week of holidays.

Let me introduce my group, we're called Bananas In Bikini (;
Fun, hilarious and a crazy bunch of people. Haahahah

Right so, let's move on to talk about my first week of poly!

During the first two days, there wasn't any workload, at all. As usual, there were just introductions and more introductions to things that I'd be learning in time to come. And there were guest speakers who came to give us speeches.

Subsequently from Weds to Fri, I've had Design Primer. Oh right, my bad, I forgot to mention that I'm currently studying in Visual Communication, School of Design, NYP. :) Design Primer is what I described to my friends as an extension of poly orientation. Haahaha. Basically, during those three days, the students of School Of Design (SDN), will gain better understanding of what exactly is 'Design'. There were excursions to different design companies and of which, I went to Moove Media followed by National Design Centre (NDC) the next day. The trip to Moove Media gave us a peek at how a designer's workplace would be like. While the trip to NDC was kind of um how should I put, pointless? Haahahaha. Alright, let's be frank here. It was more of a mingle around time with my group members rather than a oh look I've learned something so interesting today. You get what I mean? Haahah.

But to sum the entire Design Primer, I have to say that I've met a few more friends of the other courses in SDN and also in a way, I got to know a lil more about what design is. Right, enough words alrdy, I'll throw in the pics :)

At Moove Media...
Outfit of the day! ;)

My girlfriendssss....Shan on the left & Shaz at the bottom

At National Design Centre the following afternoon...
Mingle around time at NDC with these gurlssss ;D

And this was just a project that every group is supposed to complete by the last day of Design Primer.
Is realllllly naiseeee isn't it? Well, I did the Moove Media part haaha.

Right, so that's about it for this post! ;D Will be posting how my second week of poly is like next week! Till then, take care! :)

Don't bother trying to forget someone you know you'll always have a connection with.

Diary Entry : Work x Ikea

Hey folks! I know it has been weeks since I've updated my blog!
Poly has started for me and although I'm only at the second week and second day of poly, it has been pretty tiring for me. And in addition to poly, I have been rushing to pack my room since last week! Hence, unable to find time and settle down to blog. 

And so, today's post, as the title may have already suggested, will be a compilation of my work during e holidays and a day at Ikea with my friend a couple weeks back! ;)

Some time during the past couple of months, I've been working at a redemption center at The Central together with my colleague/lovely friend, Belle.

It has been a new experience for myself to be working in the Customer Service side of the working industry. And most fascinating of all in working over there is that I can get to see a whole new side of Singaporeans. It was not at all amusing though. But I have to admit that my level of patience has definitely leveled up since then. Haahahah. 

Below would be just some photos I've taken with my colleagues during work. :)

Last day of work before school starts ;)

A Day at IKEA with Sin!
Just last last Friday, Sindy accompanied me to Ikea to get some furniture for my room! I got myself a studying table and a drawer, spending a total of $234.00! Darn it, I literally burnt a hole in my pocket D:

OH right, I remembered I was so sadddddd because I didn't get to eat meatballs!! :'( The queue was like freaking looonnggg... So we settled for Subway over at Anchorpoint instead. 

Outfit of the day!! :)

Anddddd that's about it, for now. I'll prolly dedicate a post to my first two weeks in poly again like later during the night! Haahaha. :) Heehe.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Short Post - A Day At Barclays

Hey loves! And so, here's a quick update on my day at Barclays earlier on! ;)

Miraculously, I managed to wake up on time at 7.30am and headed off to report at TGYC at 8.45am! :D And after which, all of us headed to Barclays located at the CBD whereby the Finance Literacy programme commenced. :)

But first, lemme take an incomplete OOTD
Both top and bottom from Forever 21.
 Followed by a few selfies (;

At Barclays ;)
My all gurls group members including the 2 volunteers at both ends! ;D
Fun shot time, gurls!
And yes, our group's name was MEAN GURLS ;)
 Group photo with EXCOs and TGYC mentors :D

And of course, FUN SHOT time guys! ;D

To sum the entire programme up, I've had a really pleasant and enjoyable time there! Met new people, get updated with my friends from there and learnt a couple new things~ Can't wait to meet the volunteers from Barclays again in the upcoming programmes that they've collaborated with TGYC! ;D

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