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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Photo Diary - Hay Day...Well, Kind Of

Hey folks! You'll never guess where I went today! Make a quick guess!
Well, I went to the F.A.R.M! :D Okay no, as much as the place is called Farmart Centre, it wasn't really entirely a farm. It was only a small area of land that was a farm or so to say, an animal feeding area.
Personally, I was expecting a more farm-like environment but it was a little more modernised and there weren't many farm animals. However, as much as I was a little disappointed when I was there, I still managed to have a fun time with Joyce & Mekko! ;)
All righty, here are the pics! :)

Lunch @ Ajisen, Lot 1
Seafood ramen combo @ $10.90 before GST
 This is the panorama view of one side of the animal feeding area.

First up, GOATS! :)
This goat here is namely, Shunli (which means smoothly)

Shunli having an all vege feast!

Next up, this goat here is called Xiaohei (which is literally translated to Little Black)

And this lil'guy you see on the left is called Xiaobai (which is translated to Little White)


A very much overly excited goat. Haahaha

Naked guinea pigs

Brown rabbit spotted with a double chin! Ahaahaha

The white rabbit on the left was obtaining inner peace.. *ohmmmm*

And this rabbit here was spotted with two black patches arnd its eyes like a panda! Haahah

This is by far one of my favorite pic taken! :D

The uncle who has been working here for almost a decade! (as of according to him)

A very tamed and obedient parrot ;)

The uncle was trying to place the little blue bird on my arms

Andddd he succeeded! :D

So prettayyyy~

A parrot with feathers that are very vibrant and vivid

Feeding it some seeds :)
 And yes, more guinea pigs...

A couple of roooooosters

I don't know if you guys can see but there are actually a couple of frogs in it. Haahah
A whole lot of them sun bathing...

Cat fishes & some other type of fishes by the pond...

  On a side note, the food to feed the animals are not F.O.C. My friends and I paid a total of 5 bucks for the food. It was pretty reasonable as the cost was shared among the three of us & it was almost enough to feed a variety of animals (: Oh and the uncle do sell cold mineral water and soft drinks at $1 each.

Honestly, I was freaked out for a moment upon seeing these things when I was passing by a shop...Haahah
Crocodile tail D:

Crocodile's paws? Feet?
 We then came across a pet shop & the shop owner allowed us to play with his dog ;)

Lastly, we ended the trip off with a couple of polaroids taken tgt! (;

Once in a while, I could use a little short trip to the less crowded areas of Singapore and away from the malls. :)

Anyw, for those of you who are interested in getting there, here is the address!
Farmart Centre
67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008

They actually have a shuttle bus from Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 (a shopping mall next to CCK MRT) whereby you have to pay a small fee of $1 per trip when you're boarding or alighting~
You can check out their site for more details!

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