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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Short Post - Walkin' Down The Memory Lane

Hey folks!
So just this Monday, I met up with two of primary school friends. Sindy, whom I've been meeting up with recently & Chunhan, whom I've not met for 4 years! Yes, four years! The very last time we met was when we were in P6! Gosh, it's been ages!
We had lunch @ Astons - I love Astons' grilled fish with herbs!!, followed by a kopi session @ AMK Mac. :) Geez, we were like walking down the memory lane! We practically named out everyone in the same class as us during Primary 6, or so to say, I did. Haahaha. I had a better memory bank in this case as compared to them so I was like saying out names randomly at any point in time when someone pops up in my mind.
We had such a great laugh and it was really reminiscing the past!
It's really nice you know. To have times like this whereby you just talk about the good old days with your friends. :) Well, there will definitely be some really embarrassing moments but you know what? Heck with it, just talk about it! Have some great laughs together! Haahah :D
Well, that's all for this post loves. ;) Will be bloggin' again. Till then, take care!

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