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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Time check: year two, semester two

Hello~ Well, it has been quite a long while now since I've blogged. Was constantly busy with school work and laziness has gotten hold of me. I will honestly try and update regularly or if not, frequently ;)

So, the first week of school has gone passed and the assignments are filling in pretty quickly. Year two semester one, which was the last six months, has not exactly been the very best moments in my poly life. My priorities were all messed up, my time management was off track, my decisions making were screwed and I was not exactly taking control of my life. Thus, during the holidays, I managed to get myself actively involved with my outside commitments and part-time jobs to take a breather from school. And during then, was when the most amazing thing happened to me, you. I will prolly dedicate an entire post to you another time haahaha.

Well, all in all, I am positive to make a change this semester.