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Thursday, 6 March 2014

I'm Starting Afresh!

HEY GUYS! So recently, I've been trying to further improve my blog. From the the fonts I use to the content of my posts to the entire layout & design of my blog. And since poly is starting soon for me, I'd like to start afresh.

The thing about me is that I always tend to start afresh, set new targets and etc. when it's like the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

So basically, here are just some new things//on going things that I'd be doing//have been doing:
I've added a new widget on the sidebar which reads 'Labels'. What's up over there is that I will be labeling my posts from now on for easier reference. :) Um I'll explain a little bit in details 'bout the different labels I have.

'Short Post' - posts under this label are basically short and sweet. They will consist mainly of quick updates about my life
'Diary Entry' - posts with this label will generally consist of both pictures & words. So to say, these posts will oh well, be slightly more wordy & heavy in content
'Photo Diary' - as the word 'Photo' may have already suggested, posts with this label will be consisting of photos and prolly some words here and there.
In addition, I was wondering if I should do book reviews & food reviews... Hmm, I'll see how it goes haahah. Oh! And there will be my Polyvore sets too! Heheh.
Right, so that's about it with regards to my blog! ;)

Next, so um like I mentioned earlier, poly is starting soon for me. And specifically, 21st April. I'm not in the fullest anticipation for it to start nor am I dreading it. I'm just living everyday, waiting for it to happen. Haha. And with regards to poly, I sincerely hope that I will be liking what my course has to offer me. 'Cause I honestly do not want to be spending another lump sum of money to get myself into another course or institution that is more to my liking. And liking not in the sense that I like, I study. I don't like, I don't study. Liking in the sense that it is of my interest and something I have passion for. Ugh, I hope you get what I mean. Haahah~

All right lovelies, that's about it for this post. I will try to blog more frequent now that I have a laptop of my own! Haahah. Oh goody, till then, take care! ;)

It has been years since I've met you in real life and I will definitely miss hearing that sweet voice of yours, period.

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