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Friday, 10 October 2014

Photo Diary - Good food, gr8 company

Cheers to another post three months later... Well, I'm having my school holidays right now but it's coming to an end pretty soon D: In fact, in about one week's time!

Set that aside, my day has been pretty great! A whole lot of catching up with Sindy at Ikea! :) She's always filling me in with such high in content stories while on my side, my stories aren't nothing as compared. But nonethless, to sum it up it's good food, great company & once again, good food. Haahahaha~

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Photo Diary - How's it going, folks?

Hey there lovelies! Well, it seemed like I've been gone 4va! Oh technically, three months!! I'm really really sorry about it! Set aside the fact that I've been real busy with school work, I just couldn't find a perf time to chill, settle down and type out a complete blog entry. But nonetheless, here I ammmmmm ;)

First off, I have to say that I am coping slightly better with school work as compared to the month of April and May. I was finally back on track with all my modules' assignments!! And with that being achieved, I obviously had to skip a few of my CCA training. 'Cause honestly speaking, I wasn't ready to jeopardize my school work for CCA. After every training that I've attended, by the time I've reached home, I would just be beat tired and I would entirely be too lethargic to start on any of my assignments no doubt it's going to be due the next day. It did take me quite a while to come into a decision to put my school work as the first priority and that it's all right to give training a miss on certain days.

Well, nevertheless, did I mention that SCHOOL HAS BEEN A REAL BLAST?! ;D My coursemates are literally the best!! They're just such entertaining and dear friends to be arnd with! Ahaaahah. 2 cliques of friends, double the fun!!! 

I'm just going to post some pictures and end of the post, alright! ;)

FINALLY, a proper group photo with The Gang~

Anddddddd that sums up my days in poly till date! Whooopp! More to come soon! I might be posting a post about my splurge from TAOBAO soon!! Woohoo, can't wait! In the meanwhile, take care and have a great day ahead!! :D Oh andd of course, love y'all! *winks*

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Diary Entry - Poly week two

Hey lovelies, and so second week of poly had finally came into an end.. And of which, I do came to realised that things around here in the design school are a lot more different than I'd expect it to be. In the sense that things are way more lively and flexi. There's no like you'll be tested on Chapter xx next Tuesday and the default thing to do to ace it is to mug the night before or so. No, it's not like this at all. It's a lot more of I'm given an assignment and it's up to my own creativity along side with some guidelines to come up with either an idea that will get me an A or an idea that will fail me.

And given that it's only the second week of poly, shouldn't my workload be just as light as the other freshies in School of Business etc.? Well, apparently not! D: Of course, the assignments given to us are nothing in comparison with what's awaiting for us in the near future but honestly, it's a little too much for me to handle. Having almost zero knowledge about art, I've struggled during lessons & assignments that required drawing/sketching or creativity. Of course, I'm not making my lack of knowledge in art which leads to a lack of creativity as an excuse as to why I am struggling during these lessons and assignments. I do agree to a great extent that creativity can be found/discovered within/by anyone despite not having knowledge about art. But in a way, having not being in touch with art has put me in a slight disadvantage 'cause I do take a little longer to come up with ideas or improvise from inspirations. Nonetheless, of course, I will do something about it and hopefully, I'll be adaptive to the way things work in a design school.

So to speak, I've learnt a few things:

1. Don't even think about procrastinating! DON'T! Regretfully speaking from experience, although it's just the second week of poly, procrastination leads to piles of assignments awaiting you! So, JUST DON'T PROCRASTINATE!
2. PLAN YOUR TIMING WELL! If you plan to have dinner at 6pm and plan to end it at 7pm, then MAKE SURE YOU END IT AT 7PM! Or not, you'll just completely have NO TIME to finish up your assignments that are due next day.
3. Which brings me to, DON'T DO LAST MIN WORK! Especially if it has got to do with drawing/sketching~ And as for myself, I really can't chiong(rush) drawings or sketches within a night!! D:
4. Don't know anything, ASK! Just ask only. It's better to clear your doubts then to be left blur & clueless about what is going on!

These four points are definitely something that I have to take note of, period. And in short,

1. No procrastinating 2. Plan my day and actually stick to it 3. No last min work 4. Ask when in doubt

But on a brighter note, did I mention that the food in my poly is cheap? Haahahhah. Oh welly, here comes the picturessss~ ;)

Seflie with the gang in lecture room :)

Camwhore with the gurls (;

Meet Shaz & Shan :) [Left & right]

Impromptu shoot haaha!

Copying Shaz's trademark post... \mm/

Andddd that does it for my second week in poly! More to come, I guess. :) Oh right! I might not be able to update my third week of poly promptly next Sun cause I'll be attending a camp! But of course, I'd try to update the next day! Heheh. Till then, love ya all and take care!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Diary Entry : Poly week one

Hey there again, folks! ;D
And so, like I've mentioned earlier on, poly has officially started for me a week ago. But before I start going about how first week of poly had been, I will just show you guys some photos of my group during poly orientation which was held on Thurs of the last week of holidays.

Let me introduce my group, we're called Bananas In Bikini (;
Fun, hilarious and a crazy bunch of people. Haahahah

Right so, let's move on to talk about my first week of poly!

During the first two days, there wasn't any workload, at all. As usual, there were just introductions and more introductions to things that I'd be learning in time to come. And there were guest speakers who came to give us speeches.

Subsequently from Weds to Fri, I've had Design Primer. Oh right, my bad, I forgot to mention that I'm currently studying in Visual Communication, School of Design, NYP. :) Design Primer is what I described to my friends as an extension of poly orientation. Haahaha. Basically, during those three days, the students of School Of Design (SDN), will gain better understanding of what exactly is 'Design'. There were excursions to different design companies and of which, I went to Moove Media followed by National Design Centre (NDC) the next day. The trip to Moove Media gave us a peek at how a designer's workplace would be like. While the trip to NDC was kind of um how should I put, pointless? Haahahaha. Alright, let's be frank here. It was more of a mingle around time with my group members rather than a oh look I've learned something so interesting today. You get what I mean? Haahah.

But to sum the entire Design Primer, I have to say that I've met a few more friends of the other courses in SDN and also in a way, I got to know a lil more about what design is. Right, enough words alrdy, I'll throw in the pics :)

At Moove Media...
Outfit of the day! ;)

My girlfriendssss....Shan on the left & Shaz at the bottom

At National Design Centre the following afternoon...
Mingle around time at NDC with these gurlssss ;D

And this was just a project that every group is supposed to complete by the last day of Design Primer.
Is realllllly naiseeee isn't it? Well, I did the Moove Media part haaha.

Right, so that's about it for this post! ;D Will be posting how my second week of poly is like next week! Till then, take care! :)

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