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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Short Post - Dinner with my silly gurl

Hey lovelies! How's it going for y'all? ;)
Well, just last Friday, 28 March, I finally got to meet up with ma silly gurl! ;D
It's been sooooo long since I've met up with her~
And honestly speaking, as much as we haven't met each other for such a long time, we still have as many things to talk and crap about with each other just like during secondary school days! ;)

After my work, I headed straight to meet her at Thomson and of which, we took at bus from there to IKEA @ Alexander. During the almost an hour bus ride, we've had a great catch up on each other's life :)
Dinner was then filled with delicious meatballsjoy and laughter~
Alright, here are the pics!

We ordered pasta at 4 bucks each and 20 pieces meatballs @ $9
Selfie time ;)

What's a day with Kel without an unglam pic? ;D Haahahaha

Well, obviously I've had a great evening with her! Hope for more to come in the future even when both of our schools start (;

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