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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Short Post - A Day At Barclays

Hey loves! And so, here's a quick update on my day at Barclays earlier on! ;)

Miraculously, I managed to wake up on time at 7.30am and headed off to report at TGYC at 8.45am! :D And after which, all of us headed to Barclays located at the CBD whereby the Finance Literacy programme commenced. :)

But first, lemme take an incomplete OOTD
Both top and bottom from Forever 21.
 Followed by a few selfies (;

At Barclays ;)
My all gurls group members including the 2 volunteers at both ends! ;D
Fun shot time, gurls!
And yes, our group's name was MEAN GURLS ;)
 Group photo with EXCOs and TGYC mentors :D

And of course, FUN SHOT time guys! ;D

To sum the entire programme up, I've had a really pleasant and enjoyable time there! Met new people, get updated with my friends from there and learnt a couple new things~ Can't wait to meet the volunteers from Barclays again in the upcoming programmes that they've collaborated with TGYC! ;D

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